2014 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits
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Volunteer for the NRA Annual Meeting

The 2014 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be an exciting weekend as thousands of NRA members will come together April 25-27 in Indianapolis, IN. You can contribute to the success of our meeting by participating as an Annual Meeting Volunteer.

If you can spare a half-day or more while attending the Indianapolis Annual Meeting, you can assist the NRA staff in making this year's Annual Meeting our best yet! You will find that to participate in the Annual Meeting as a volunteer is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable activities you will ever experience as an NRA member.

Volunteers are needed in a wide variety of activities including:

Volunteers must be NRA certified instructors, training counselors, or certified range officers with a working know of safe gun handling, firing line safety rules and if possible work a shift of 3 to 6 hours. Volunteers will work under direction of NRA staff. (24 volunteers required each shift.)

No heavy lifting and chairs are provided. Duties include; informing visitors about the program basics, keeping Eddie Eagle materials stocked on tables, cutting out pictures and directing visitors to NRA staff when needed. If local law enforcement is not available to wear the Eddie Eagle mascot costume, a volunteer will be provided. This volunteer needs to be physically fit and able to war a HOT costume for 15 minutes. (1 volunteer per shift)

This venue requires volunteers who can lift up to 40lbs and be on their feet a lot of their shift. This is the behind the scenes set up of the convention center. (2 to 4 volunteers needed each shift)

This is the busiest venue and the first stop on the way into the convention. Training is provided prior to each shift and volunteers will work directly under NRA staff. Training guides are provided to volunteers when checking in for your shift.

The second busiest venue and the only venue that requires volunteers on Wednesday is the NRA Store. Wednesday is set up day and volunteers must be able to lift heavy boxes and do price marking all day. Thursday the store set up is finished to prepare for opening at 2PM. Jobs needed to be filled in the store are: experienced cash register operators, baggers for merchandise, greeters, dressing room attendant (to be determined by Staff), floor clerks, and volunteers to set up and work the remote kiosks and tear down on Sunday. Staff may assign various other jobs as needed.

This is a one day only event exclusive for Youth. There is a Magnetic fishing pond, wildlife ID, Archery, and Gun Air soft events. If you like working with youth and have some knowledge or just want to help this is the place for you.

Firearms examiners examine all the firearms in the exhibit hall. Volunteers must have a vast working knowledge of firearms and are required to fill out a registration form. This venue is on Thursday evening late into the evening and Friday morning. Some volunteers are used throughout the event to double check.

The Volunteer Coordinator will assign various tasks as needed at the Coordinator's discretion. If you are quick and accurate on a keyboard with computer knowledge or can only work for a short time we will use you on special assignments.

For more information, contact Gayle Carter-Cook, Volunteer Coordinator, at 208-274-2113 or nravolunteer@gmail.com.

Please come into the volunteer office if you want to volunteer. Room 116 and 117.

We hope to see you in Indy!


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